Welcome to the website for the Swajan Samanvay Sanatan Cultural & Spiritual Centre. Our centre is located in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.


The Four Pillars: The Swajan Samanvay Sanatan Centre programs are arranged to focus on four  pillars of society: 

  • Religion/Spirituality  
  • Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Environment 
  • Education

Religion/Spirituality: The Centre works to strengthen moral values. By focusing on our ancient culture and heritage, integrating principles from our common beliefs, and utilizing Hindu scriptures, the Centre programs foster trust, love, and peace. This is achieved through Satsang (spiritual participations), observing the traditions and festivals in our community, and promoting inter-spiritual conversations at various levels.

Inclusivity and Diversity: The Centre is working on various projects that revolve around diversity in languages, cultures, traditions, religions/spiritual practices, agriculture, and food production. This is achieved through the Kincardine Multicultural Celebration and outreach campaign which promotes both inclusivity and respect for diversity.

Environment:  The Centre promotes programs which encourage a sustainable environment and prevent climate change. Agriculture and reforestation practices are encouraged as they provide sustainability and also reduce our global carbon footprint. This is being achieved through an awareness campaign and small projects such as tree planting, environment clean-ups etc.

Education: Promoting careers and skills that incorporate a moral outlook, the growing of diverse foods, and awareness of our interactions with nature and people are important. In addition, it is vital to balance the material and spiritual aspects of our lives. This is being achieved by engaging with various educational groups, organizing workshops, camps and study circles in schools in Canada and developing countries (e.g. India).


Our Aim: To Preserve, Promote and Protect. To Integrate the various cultures in our community, promote spiritual and social awareness, preserve the environment and enhance education.

Our Mission: To promote harmony, inclusiveness, and wholesome integration of families, schools, and diverse communities. Our key theme is inclusiveness and respect for all; engaging people and fostering a sense of commitment toward one another and our work. Our aim is to create the right environment for togetherness and to build citizens equipped with a knowledge of science, agriculture, technology, integrity, moral values and to encourage them to live in harmony with nature and diverse peoples.

This is realized through weekly, monthly and annual activities, which include: The Kincardine Multicultural Festivals; Social and Religious Festivals; Environmental Clean-up; Yoga Day;  volunteering with local social & charitable orgnanizations; activities that enhance the education of our children, and regular spiritual meetings (Satsang) that include meditation and yoga.