Mother’s Day – Let’s connect and instil qualities of Motherhood within

My great salute to all mothers! It is a day that makes people remember the importance and significance of mothers in their lives and building stable families. The day should be observed by making a true connection with mothers and motherly figures around us.

My mother is no longer with me, but every day I thank God Krishna for my mother, and I’m sure you do the same to your mothers. We all can celebrate and salute mother and motherhood that is always wanting the best for her kids and sees her kids as a part of herself (true inclusion). Mother is a true example of spirituality that sees all existence as part of one larger Self. This is what we honour in our mothers.

My mother Mankanthi Devi Tripathi was loving, hardworking, and deeply rooted in dharma and karma. My mother’s exemplary living life with discipline, selflessness, love, and complete surrender to God’s will has transpired in me values of holding a strong character, caring for relationships with compassion, and loving and respecting others. My wife Abhilasha and I have three children and my sisters, Aruna, Kiran, and Uma each have two children. When I observe my wife’s and/or my sister’s selfless love, sacrifice commitment, and readiness to help, I am inspired to give more.

In today’s society, the important role of a mother is not as highly esteemed as it should be. I disagree with those who refer to raising children as just stay-at-home moms and considered a waste of a woman’s potential. They are missing the point and have not well understood the value of motherhood, sacrifice, determination, and love that are required to make that tough decision.

A good mother epitomizes selfless love and sacrifice. In Hinduism, we honour mother and father as God (Matru devo bhav, Pitru devo bhav). Mother’s Day is a good time to remember our mothers and thanks mothers for their selfless love, all the service she does behind the scenes, and how she is always there for us. I salute my mother and all mothers on the earth!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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