The First Celebration of Hindu Culture and India Independent Day in Kincardine

मानव जीवन दुर्लभ है, इसे पशुओं की तरह खाने पीने, सोने, और बच्चे पैदा करने में ही नष्ट न कर दें।

Victoria Park, Kincardine, was transformed into a colourful, multi-cultural fairground, Saturday afternoon, with exhibitors showcasing various aspects of Sanatan Hindu culture.

The event was free and open to the public, and approximately 400 people from Kincardine and surrounding communities were in attendance in this connection and relationship-building Hindu Culture Open House.

Chandra Tripathi of Kincardine opened the event with a Conch Naad, and the lighting of the lamp ceremony was performed by Sudha Malhotraji.

Tripathi briefly mentioned the purpose was to share the rich, ancient knowledge of the Sanatan Hindu culture with fellow Canadians, to strengthen understanding and enrich the Canadian mosaic, and to pass it on to the next generation so the young people may take pride in their deep cultural roots and support building a strong Canada.

In his keynote speech, Varun Tripathi said, “We are all blessed to live in such a wonderful country – one which has not only welcomed us with open arms but also encourages us to share our rich Hindu traditions with our friends, our neighbours, and fellow Canadians.

“Now, as we move deeper into the 21st Century, we can add a diverse cultural mosaic to the laundry list of strengths which make Canada truly one of the greatest places to live in the world. And it’s gatherings like these, which serve as an opportunity to share a few of our differences, that add just a little more enrichment to our lives.”

A parade of people carrying banners of the Festival of India, Hindu Cultures, and Indian and Canadian flags, and playing Indian classical music and patriotic songs, took place around the park.

The afternoon was filled with prayer in Sanskrit, instrumental music, patriotic songs, bhajans, dances, yoga and meditations, and aarti. There was free Henna art painting, as well as a taste of Indian food for people to enjoy. Attendees took the opportunity to engage and learn from Hindu culture (posters, food, performances and discussion)by sampling ethnic Indian delicacies and discovering new traditions.

Considering the rural setting of Kincardine and the surrounding area, this event offered a unique opportunity and forum to dialogue on understanding the community around us, and on the importance and benefit of inclusiveness, diversity, and various cultures. These interactions further strengthen harmony (समन्वय) in the community and workplace and foster a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Besides celebrating the Hindu culture and the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence Day, the group also recognized and built a connection with local leaders and support services by tying ‘Raksha Sutra (sacred thread)’ as a reminder to righteously perform our dharma/duties.

The organizers appreciate and thank Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson (agriculture minister), and Bluewater District School Board trustee Jan Johnstone for attending the event, as well as fire prevention officer Shane Watson, Kincardine District Senior School teacher Watson Morris, retired teacher Tom Owen, Huron-Bruce MP representative Steven Travale, the South Bruce OPP representative, and teachers from Art of Living Kitchener, who shared their thoughts on the Hindu culture.

Appreciation to all for supporting the first Hindu Culture Open House, Indian Independence Day, and रक्षा बंधन Celebration, and for making it such a great success. See you next year. धन्यबाद !

शास्त्रों से अपने अपने कर्तव्यों की लड़ाई रामायण से तो अधिकारों की महाभारत से सीखें । चयन हमारे हाथों में है। धैर्य, त्याग, कर्तव्य जब अपने लिए तो स्वार्थमय आत्मविश्वास, अपनों के लिए तो प्रेम, और दूसरों के लिए तो यश और परमात्मा के लिए तो आस्था। Awake, live the full and abundant life with righteous means by connecting within and meaningfully selflessly contributing outside for others।

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the popular Kincardine Multicultural Celebration has been cancelled for the past three years, but with the support of the Kincardine Hindu community, Municipality of Kincardine, Grey Bruce Local Immigration Partnership, Welcoming Communities Grey Bruce, and Sanatan Centre, organizers switched gears and held the Hindu Culture Open House in Kincardine.

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