Bruce County Indo-Canadian to celebrate Ram mandir bhoomi pujan

The building of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya insinuates Ancient Indian Pride

Hindus have waited for centuries to realize their dream of building a Ram temple in Ayodhya. Here a mosque was built by Mugal invader over the Ram temple and now the original state of the temple is being reinstated according to the honourable Supreme Court of India verdict. The Ram Temple is linked with Indian ancient culture and building the temple will help the people of India to rebuild and reconnect with their ancient past.

It will be a momentous day of pride for millions of Indians and Hindus in the world when Prime Minister Narendra Modi lays the foundation stone for the great Ram Mandir (temple) on August 5, and sets the stage for the grand return of Lord Ram to the temple, which is planned to be completed within the next three years. Besides the “Ram Lala” in the core, the temple will have a two hundred and fifty-one meter Shri Ram statue, accompanied by a cultural, historical, and spiritual museum. This particular temple holds great significance during the Hindu festival called Diwali.

The main purpose of Diwali is to observe Lord Ram’s return from 14 years of exile and the victory of good over evil. Many believe the ‘Bhoomi poojan’ on August 5th signifies Lord Ram’s “rightful return from exile”. As a matter of pride, love, and peace, many Hindus and people from other faiths around the world will light up their houses with diyas or candles to mark the special event while maintaining social distance norms. This is a landmark for all Ram bhakts (devotees) and followers of our ancient culture. It is also a great homage to all those who sacrificed their lives to reach this proud peaceful moment.

This is a proud moment for me as I have memories of visiting “Ram Lala” in Ayodhya many times with my parents and most recently in 2019 with my family. I believe that faith grants us peace; and providing service to others brings balance to the inner self and goodwill among people.  The unfortunate part of our current education system in India, is that it doesn’t give us an adequate understanding of what our ancient history and culture are.  Unfortunately,  much of Indian history is taught to us in terms of the invaders of our land and I hope that this will change with the new Indian National Education Policy 2020.

Although I live in Canada and engaged in many citizenship volunteer activities in the areas of education, environment, spiritualism, and diversity, I always admire and proudly bring forward my ancient roots, cultures, and religion without lessening others. I believe that our ancient culture is very flexible, has respect for all, and can be an ally to liberalism. I strongly encourage our fellow friends to understand our culture, religion, traditions, history, governance, and bring forward the hidden message of service, love, and peace among all. Congratulations to all for this proud moment of building the temple during the auspicious time of Shri Krishna Janmashtami and Raksha Bandhan.

Temples across Canada planned to celebrate the foundation laying ceremony of the historic Ram Temple in Ayodhya, while a large number of Indians in Bruce and other places would lit diyas and candles and watch the live telecast from Ayodhya, to celebrate the Bhoomi pujan on August 5. In the USA digital images of the Ram Temple is going to be displayed around the US Capitol Hill and many cities across the country with the prominent one is Images of Lord Ram and 3D portraits of the grand Ram Temple in will be beamed across the billboards in the iconic Times Square on August 5. The Sanatan Centre, Kincardine ( has also called for a virtual collective prayer across Canada and in the world to rejoice the upcoming Shree Ram Mandir Poojan at Ayodhya and will organize sharing their joy, history, understandings, and experiences about our ancient culture that was focused around Ram Rajya and universal brotherhood.

Please join us, making this event memorable in the world.


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